The No Excuse Life, Break-through Formula

By Doing Things Differently We Can Begin To Create The Results We Want .

Only 5% of people ever earn enough money in their lifetime to enable them to enjoy the things that want to experience in life and live financially independent.


​The other 95% of people work for 30 - 45 years in a job or multiple jobs they often dislike, and spend a lifetime struggling to have enough extra money to make an IMPACT in the world and help improve their own or other people's lives.


If you are tired of having to go to work for someone else and having them control your income levels and time off.


If you are tired of wondering where the next $100 or $1,000 will come from when the next bills come rolling in.


​Or even if you are loving what you do in your career but want to create a business or help other people in some way, because you've always wanted to have more control over your money and lifestyle.


Or if you are desperate to change things in your life but are just not sure where to start or how to begin... then keep reading.


The BEST part is, it doesn't have to be that hard or take that much time either.


What We do and the circumstances we find ourselves in, is based on the beliefs we carry when we enter the arena.



When we change the way we see things,  we can set ourselves up for the success we really want.



How we decide to react to our circumstances creates the pathway we take to make the changes we need.

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Lionel Todirean, Dubai, UAE

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